Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of sales  

I. General rules:
1) Your order is tantamount to your agreement with all conditions and information below.
2) Sales agreement is valid once Silver Wings sends an e-mail with confirmation of your order.
3) You may add items to your order (by e-mai) prior to shipment of your order.

II. Privacy statement:
1) We ensure that all our customers’ information is kept confidential and guaranteed safe. We do not sell nor share any of it to third parties.

III. Ordering:
1) You may order by e-mail: silverwings@silverwings.pl or using contact form on Silver Wings website. In order to process your order, please specify the following information:
- payment option (bank transfer or PayPal),
- shipping option (see Shipping Options),
- shipping address,
- model kit number and description,
- amount of your order.
2) We will confirm your order by e-mail. Additionally we will enclose a pro forma invoice.
3) We accept you order upon receipt of payment.
4) Deliveries, depending on amount, are made within 10-60 business days starting from the next day after receiving payment. If order accounts for more than 30 kits, we negotiate delivery date separately.
5) Our offer does not reflect our depot stocks but we make efforts to make every product available at short notice.
6) We may not realize doubtful or incomplete orders.
7) Prices listed on the web site are for individual customers. The wholesale price list for retailers and distributors is available upon request.

IV. Shipping:
1) Your desired shipping option must be defined in your order.
Available options: economical shipment, express shipment, courier shipment (EMS).
2) Customers are responsible for all shipping costs where applicable.
3) Customers are responsible for costs of customs clearance where applicable.

V. Payment:
1) Prices for goods are given in PLN (Polish currency) and do not include VAT.
2) All prices and shipping costs are calculated at the time of your order and future promotional offers cannot be retroactively applied to orders that have already been accepted.
3) Silver Wings may change prices of offered products, add new products to our offer and cancel or change sales promotions at our discretion and without prior notice.
4) Available payment options: - bank transfer - PayPal transfer.

VI. Returns:
1) No returns accepted.

VII. Warranty:
1) All products have producer's warranty.
2) If you find any technical defect on our side, Silver Wings will replace the defective parts within 30 days of order shipment (original photos before any interference required).
3) We make all reasonable efforts to secure our products for shipping as much as possible, but we are not accountable for any damages caused during shipment.
4) Warranty will be considered only with a proper invoice enclosed.
5) Warranty will be considered within 14 working days after we receive notification.
6) Goods with technical defects will be replaced. Incomplete goods will be completed with proper parts. If replacement or complement will be not possible, Silver Wings will return you money or will offer other product.
7) If your complaint is reasonable, Silver Wings will cover shipping costs  (costs reimbursement  within 14 working days since we consider your warranty).