Fiat CR.32 - Bis - Quarter

  • Box
  • CR.32quarter No 410-8: “Romantica Squadriglia”, Africa Orientale, 1941
  • CR.32bis No 3-51: “La Partulla Sazul” (The Blue Patrol), 2-G-2, Zaragoza, April of 1937
  • CR.32 No 7: 10o Gruppo Autonomo Caccia della Baleari, San Juan, Mallorca, 1938
  • CR.32bis: Luftwaffe – fighter trainer, 1942
  • CR.32bis No 147: Luftwaffe, I/LG 138, Asperne, 1938
  • CR.32 No 154-4: 6o Stormo, 2o Gruppo, 154 Squadriglia “Diavoli Rossi”, Campoformido, 1936
Cat. No.:
Marking options:
6 (Italian, Luftwaffe, Spanish)
Number of parts:
139 x resin, 27 x pe, 3 x film, masks
Length & wingspan:
233 x 296 (mm)
Additional features:
iron reinforced main elements


Fiat CR.32 was an Italian biplane fighter used in the Spanish Civil War and World War II. The CR.32 fought in North and East Africa, in Albania and in the Mediterranean theatre. Used extensively in Spanish Civil War, it gained a reputation as one of the outstanding fighter biplanes of all time. But then it was overtaken by more advanced monoplane designs and was obsolete by 1939. Fiat CR.32 was designed by Celestino Rosatelli. The prototype MM.201 first flew the 28 April 1933 from the Fiat company airfield at Turin. Over 1300 Fiat CR.32 was built in following variants : CR.32 - armed with twin 7,7 mm or 12,7 mm machine guns and powered by 447 kW (600 hp) Fiat A.30 RAbis engine. Delivered to the Regia Aeronautica between March 1934 and February 1936, CR.32bis -close-support fighter version armed with twin Breda-SAFAT Mod.1928Av. 7,7 mm (a common field modification was to discard the 7,7 mm armament to reduce weight) and twin 12,7 mm machine guns. Bomb racks with ability to carry 100 kg bombload possible: 1 ×100 kg or 2 × 50 kg, CR.32 ter - revised CR.32bis with many improved features, CR.32quater - revised CR.32ter with reduced weight, added radio and max speed 356 km/h at 3,000 m; 337 built for the Regia Aeronautic. Fiat CR.32 was also used in: Austria, China, Chile, Germany, Hungary, Paraguay, Spain, Venezuela.

Technical data:
Length: 7,47 m
Wingspan: 9,50 m
Height: 2,36 m
Wing area: 22,1 m²
Empty weight: 1455 kg
Loaded weight: 1975 kg
Power plant: Fiat A30 RA-bis V12, 447 kW (600 hp)
Max speed: 360 km/h
Range: 781 km
Service ceiling: 8800 m
Armament: machine guns - 2x 7,7 mm Breda SAFAT, bombs up to 100 kg