Bristol Bulldog Mk IIA

  • BOX
  • Bristol Bulldog Mk IIA, K1676, 23 Squadron, Kenley, 1931
  • Bristol Bulldog Mk IIA, K2159, 19 Squadron, Duxford, 1931
Cat. No.:
1927 - 1937
Marking options:
2 (RAF)
Number of parts:
160 x resin, 24 x pe, 4 x film
Length & wingspan:
239 x 321 (mm)
Additional features:
main elements iron reinforced


The Bristol Bulldog was a single seat biplane fighter of the inter-war period and one of the most famous aircraft used by the RAF during that time. The prototype Bristol Bulldog first flew on 17 May 1927, and the Bulldog Mk II entered service with the Royal Air Force with No. 3 Squadron in May 1929, replacing the Gloster Gamecock and Armstrong Whitworth Siskin fighters then in frontline use. The Bulldog served with virtually all RAF squadrons, and carried a wide variety of colorful markings. Often remembered for spectacular aerial formation displays at the annual Hendon RAF competition, the Bulldog finally disappeared from front line service in July 1937 when No.3 Squadron traded in their Bulldogs for Gloster Gladiators.

Powered by a Bristol Jupiter VIIF radial piston engine producing 490 hp, the Bulldog IIA had a maximum speed of 178 mph. The Bulldog’s superb maneuverability and ease of handling made it very popular with its pilots.

A total of 441 Bulldogs of all marks were produced for the RAF. The Bulldog never saw combat with the RAF but due to its cheap sales price, several foreign customers ordered Bulldogs, including Sweden, Siam, Latvia, Japan, Denmark and Finland, with one Bulldog tested by the US Navy. The Finnish Bulldogs fought the Soviets during the Winter War, while the Spanish aircraft served at the outset of the Spanish Civil War on the Republican side.

The Bristol Bulldog was replaced in RAF service by the Gloster Gauntlet.

Technical data:
Crew: 1
Length: 7,67 m
Wing span: 10,3 m
Height: 2,67 m
Empty Weight: 1000 kg
Engine: 1 × Bristol Jupiter VII radial piston engine 490 hp (370 kW)
Max Speed: 287 km/h (178 mph)
Service Ceiling: 8930 m
Armament: 2 x 7,7 mm Vickers machine guns
Bomb-load: 4 x 9 kg bombs